The Best of Texas Route 66

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The Best of Texas Route 66

I recently spent a weekend in Texas photographing Historic Route 66. As luck would have it, we had a wind storm the first day I was there. But, after making the long drive, I wasn't about to spend my weekend hunkered down in a motel room like a sane person. So, I was out shooting in it. The 50+ mile an hour wind gusts stirred up the dirt in the more rural areas and made for interesting atmospheric conditions. Even so, we ended up having so much fun, much more than I ever expected.

What I have compiled in this blog post are what I think are the "Must See" spots along Texas Route 66. That may be because of the story a location tells, its fantastic architecture, or maybe it's just a unique or fun piece of kitsch. Do your research. While this is far from an exhaustive list of Texas Route 66 sites, it's a great starting point for planning your road trip on the Mother Road.

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